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Sri Lanka gems were formed in the earth crust during the pre-Cambrian age of the planet. Hence every gem is guaranteed to be over 800 million years old. Though very small inland space, Sri Lanka has the greatest concentration of gems on earth. it has also been ranked among the top five countries where gem found. the rarest gem in the world is Alexandrite is found in Sri Lanka.

The gems of Sri Lanka ae woven into history. Sri Lanka became known as Rathna Deep( The Island of Gems). King Solomon is reported to have had gems brought from this island to win the heart of beauty queens. The largest known sapphire in the world weighing in at 19kg was also discovered here. Some of the rarest precious stones in the world are found in this small island called Sri Lanka. Among the several world-famous gems, Sri Lanka's blue sapphire weighing 466 carats.

Other famous gems include the blue giant of the orient, weighting nearly 500 carats and the bluebell of Asia, which weighs in at 400 carats. The renowned Sri Lankan Star Sapphire is on permanent display at the Museum of National History in new york, but due to an oversight, the stone has been called the star of India.

Throughout the history of Sri Lanka's gems and jewellery have adorned the crown jewels of many Royal Family.

Selection of genuine gems has been an aspect of life among Sri Lankas, considering the characteristics and symbolism of the stones. While Sri Lanka's blue sapphires are the finest, most popular are the yellow sapphire and blue sapphire. Many believe that the sapphire is sacred to Saturn and consider it a symbol of faithfulness in love. Due to this, it becomes a popular choice as a gem of engagement rings. Another belief among Sri Lanka's is that both star ruby and star sapphire protect the wearer from bad effects in life.

Blue sapphire becomes more prominent and popular when Prince Charles gifted such a gemstone from Sri Lanka to Lady Diana on her engagement ring. The Blue sapphire found further prominence after price William offered it to Lady Kate Middleton.



Sri Lanka history, rich in spices, began over 2500 years ago in the 16th-century Ceylon, as it was then known, was discovered by Portuguese who soon began trading in cinnamon and other spices. The Dutch and English followed.

THe spices which are a vital part of Sri Lankan food that id unique and interesting, adding subtle flavours and aromas. It is an Ayurvedic belief that spices have healing properties that can enhance well being.

To food lovers, Sri Lankan food is an expression of colourfull history and delightful surprise, just like the Island.

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